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Pravah has been working since 1993 in India, on developing leadership capacities of young people to unleash their ability to bring about transformational social change. Our mission is to work on ‘prevention’ of social conflicts by developing social responsibility and personal leadership among young people. We endeavour to build future looking, wholesome adolescents and youth leaders through psychosocial interventions leading to economic, political and social inclusion. We believe that social change is affected through deep mind-set change of individuals and along with the empowerment of the socially excluded, it is imperative to hugely shift the attitudes of individuals in powerful decision-making positions in order to change the social structures that marginalize communities. We therefore work with young people from diverse backgrounds to build their agency and enable them to take action, such that they become self-aware, deeply empathetic, understand systems and are socially responsible leaders.

Our national presence is through long term, quality partnerships with youth led and youth engaging organisations across India. Till date Pravah has supported over 400 social entrepreneurs; impacted over 50,00,000 youth extensively and 2,00,000 young leaders intensively.  With our efforts in joint programming and implementation with our regional partners; our presence is across 10 states in India (NCR, Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, North East region).  Through our work we continue to impact issues like human rights, peace, sustainable development, social justice, education, sexual and reproductive health, early child marriage, environmental sustainability, social inclusion, gender-based violence, social entrepreneurship and employability, communal harmony, youth development.


Our vision is to co-create a sustainable national ecosystem that nurtures empowering spaces with and for young people, through joint programming and partnerships, capacity building of people and organizations; and joint advocacy and campaigning-  focusing on youth development and youth- centric development issues.

Our youth development approach is embodied in the concept of the 5th Space- which is different from the other four “legitimized” spaces of family, friends, career/education and leisure or recreation; where young people discover themselves by engaging in social action, active citizenship and volunteering. Such a space, focuses on self-transformation of youth as it does on transforming society through them.


Building youth Leadership for Social Change



1.       Adolescent Interventions: From Me to We – Life skills development for Adolescents in and out of school

2.       Youth Interventions: Nurturing social leadership skills amongst non-campus and campus youth through SMILE (Students Initiative for Learning Through Exposure); youth exchange and community development, National Social Service trainings

3.       Changelooms Learning and Leadership Journey – Building and Supporting Early Stage Social Entrepreneurs

4.       Creating an Ecosystem of Sustainable Change – Carried out; through capacity building of youth focussed organisations, community workers, teachers, educators and CSR organisations-  in areas of curriculum development, facilitation, organisation development, employability, entrepreneurship, social inclusion, early child marriage, sexuality and health.  









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