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Changelooms Learning and Leadership Journey is INVITING applications for 2016 - 2017

Last Date to Apply: 20th June 2016

Changelooms is an inside out leadership journey that celebrates, recognizes and nurtures young people to achieve their potential to lead social change through outstanding opportunities for learning, inspiration, amplification and resource mobilization.

Who can Apply?

You can apply for the Changelooms Learning and Leadership Journey if:

  • You are between 18-35 years
  • You have initiated an exciting social change project focusing on areas of education, environment, community development, youth development and empowerment of SC/ST communities
  • Your initiative has been running for at least 6 months with long term plans for social change
  • Your initiative should have a meaningful engagement with youth
  • You wish to strengthen your social change initiative and work with other youth led groups

Supported By:

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International Citizen Service


As you constantly explore new spaces to be – how would you like to be a part of a space that challenges you? A space to make cross border friendships, contribute to grassroots social campaigns and explore yourself? To engage with a new community, build authentic bonds and explore your surroundings?

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I Have A Dream 

Since the 1960s, thousands of Indians have participated in U.S. Government sponsored exchange programs, enhancing people-to-people ties between India and the U.S. In early 2015, the American Centre came together with Pravah to engage over 100 young exchange alumni to deepen their exchange experiences and make them more aware of their place and role in their immediate and extended contexts.

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SMILE In-turnship!

As your constant search for something new and exciting in life continues and your busy life gives you a break from college, studies and exams, what do plan to try out in these vacations? Do you want to make new friends, explore the world, get out of the city, be with yourself? What if you could do all, at the same time??

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We are Hiring 

When you work with Pravah you walk the thin line between…Work and Fun,Sacrifice and Social  Responsibility, Indiscipline and creativity,Hindi and English, Black and White Right and Left

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Pravah is now empaneled with CBSE for school trainings. To know more click here


Know PrayaSapna!

United Nations Poplulation Fund (UNFPA) has partnered with Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan(NYKS) to implement a program with adolescents by creating spaces/processes where they can build their capacities and take leadership and responsibility. As part of this, 1860 Teen Clubs have been established in five UNFPA priority states of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha and Rajasthan with the overall objective of ensuring a healthy and safe growing up process for adolescents primarily in out-of-school settings.

Created by PRAVAH in consultation with UNFPA,NYKS and state level NGO partners, PrayaSapna is a curriculum that seeks to help Teen Clubs. The vision of the curriculum is to enable the teen clubs become empowering spaces that nurture and inspire adolescents to identify and fulfill their aspirations for a happy and healthy life. PrayaSapna is play on words ‘ Spana (Dream) and Apna (Self) ’ indication that ‘Prayas Apna’i.e. individual/collective efforts are significant as the Sapna.

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